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Witch Princess

(This script was done by Xirilia)

WP : The number of presents you gave me exceeds 10,000! Congratulations! (Finally!!!!!!!)

Red Heart Dialogue:
"Victor... Wel...Welcome."
"Recently I can't focus on my magic. I wonder why..."

Witch *!* *blushing*: Oh, let's go to your house, Victor.
Witch *blushing* : Yes, I'll marry you. sure.
*offers feather again*
Witch *<3* *still blushing* : It looks like I don't have to make any more Love Tonic. I found this wonderful person.
*Victor <3*
Witch *smiling* : Well, there is a lot to prepare so I'm going home. Let's have the ceremony in about a week.
*Victor nods*

"Well, I didn't think I'd get married to you, Victor." "I beat the Harvest Goddess! I was able to make you my husband of course!"

*In your house...*
Thomas : It is my honor to preside over this wedding. Getting married to a witch is a bit shady! And now I will ask the bride. Do you promise to love him as long as you shall live?
Witch *blushing*: Yes, I do <3
Thomas : Wonderful! And now I will ask the groom. Promise to love Witch Princess as long as you shall live?
*Victor nods Witch <3*
Witch *blushing* : Let's be happy<3
*Victor nods*
Thomas : I now pronounce you married.
Witch *smiling*: Well, in commemoration I'll toll the wedding bells Here we go. *strange witch font characters* ..........
Witch : Let's change how I call you now that we're married? Well, what should I call you, Victor?
Witch : Oh no, I like Victor better. Well then, let's stick with Victor.
*Victor nods*

After Marriage Dialogue:
"Good morning <3 Victor."
"Everyday has been fun since I got here."

"Yes... I'm not a good cook..."
"Making food with my magic would be dull... I must do my best to cook."

(Xirilia's Notes: Apparently the witch princess doesn't sleep and when talking to her after midnight her face will pop up she will say nothing and thats all. --- correction that what happened for me the first night she was there, and it was pretty odd and seemed like a glitch, she does sleep and in a darkish lavender (i think its a shirt) with white trim on the arms, she says)
"Good night, Victor<3"
"Have a good rest and do your best work tomorrow."

(Being given a red grass she smiles and says) "Thank you. I really like this?<3"

Starry night -
"It's Starry Night Festival. Please hurry home."
Witch : "Victor, let's begin our Starry Night Festival. I worked so hard at cooking."

Witch : Ohh... I'm tired. The tonic I made doesn't work... Victor, I'm reluctant, but will you tak me to the doctor's?
*Victor nods, Witch *
Witch : Victor, thank you.
Dr. Hardy : Hmm.
Witch Princess : What is it?
Hardy *...* : No need to worry. you're not sick.
*Victor and witch *
Hardy : It's a blessed event!
*Victor Witch *
Hardy : Congrats, Witch Princess!
Witch *blush* : Th-thank you.
*turns to Victor*
Witch : It seems that I'm pregnant. I can't believe it... I have so many preparations to make. Victor... Help.
*Victor nods*

After Pregnancy Dialogue
"What a surprise... I'm pregnant!"
"I"m happy that i'll have a successor."

"I...I don't feel well... I can't even prepare tonics..."
"Yes... Being a mother is hard..."

"The baby is growing. If it's a girl, I'm gonna' make her a witch."
"If it's a boy... let's have him be your successor, Victor."

"The baby will be born soon. I'm a little anxious..."
"So please stay home tomorrow for that reason."

Just a little longer to go...
Witch Princess : Oh, it hurts!!!
Nina : Just a little more.
Dr. Hardy : Try hard.
*Victor *
Argh, what do you do at times like this?
Witch : Uukyaaaaa Victor~.
Hardy : I've been at this many years but birth always amazes me.
Nina : It's a healthy baby boy. Hurry and give Witch Princess her reward for working hard.
Witch : How about it? You're the successor to my grand bloodline. It's too bad it wasn't a girl, though...
That's okay. Will you name the child?
Jack... That's a cool name. Starting now I'm going to teach you many things. Tee hee hee hee hee......

After Baby is Born
"It's too bad it wasn't a girl."
"But he's my child so I think he has magical powers."

------------ Picnic
Witch : Victor~ Hurry and wake up.
Victor *
Witch : The weather is good, let's go on a picnic. Picnic!
Jack : Picnic, picnic*music note*
Witch : Jack says he wants to go, too.
Witch and Jack *
Witch : All right, lets go. I don't want to go to the Harvest Goddess' place, so let's go to the beach.
Jack : Yaaaay. Going with Daddy. Going with Daddy
*music note*
Witch : Okay, to the beach.
Witch : Going to the Harvest Goddess' place is bad for the child. I'm glad we came here. Oh look, Jack is having fun.
Jack : Mama, here! Here!
Witch : Jack, don't go that far, it's dangerous... Ah, he fell. If he floated in the sky like his mommy he wouldn't trip... I will train him maybe...!

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