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(These scripts were contributed by Syvle)

-Confidentially, I came to the human world to look for a husband.
-Oh, really?
-Yeah, the man I marry has to be a person that can act as a bridge between humans and other species. And Mr. Ragna, that man is you!
-You get along well with a lot of monsters, and you show great affection toward them. You’d be perfect. Mr. Ragna, will you ….Will you marry me?

-You really mean that?
-Yes, I mean it.
-I’m happy to hear that.
-I hope we can create a world where humans, elves, dwarves and other species can live together in peace.
-Yeah, I agree.

-I wasn’t really ready for that!
-I see…but, I’m not going to give up on you. I’m going to wait for you…until you marry someone else.

Marriage Special Scripts:
Bianca: So you married Tabatha…And I thought you felt something for me…Oh well…
But congratulations, Tabatha. I’m happy for you.

After Marriage:
-Good Morning, Mr. Ragna. Actually, what should I call you now?

-(Ragna) I can’t just call you by first name. I look up to you, and we’re married, M’lord.
-Okay, I can call you that, Dear.
-Okay, I can call you that, Honey. Perhaps a little endearing though, Hee hee.
(It’s written as Honey when she asked you, but she’ll call you Honeybuns though)
-Yes. I can call you that, M’lord. I’ve worked as a maid a long time and feel most at home using a title.

-Okay, what should I call you?
-Please call me Tabatha, (Your Nickname).
-Okay, got it.

-I packed your lunch, (Your Nickname). Have a nice day.
-Since I met you, I’ve come to love this town.
-Thank you very much. I hoped you’d still give me a(n) corn even now we’re married.

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