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(These scripts were contributed by Syvle)

-The White Stone? You’re giving this…to me?
-That’s right, Rosetta. I searched all over for this so I could give it to you.
-You searched for this…for me?
-Do you know what it means to give me this?
-I do

-Rosetta, will you marry me?
-Oh,…I don’t know what to say! I’m so happy!
-Is that a ‘Yes’?
-Of course! Of course I’ll marry you! That is, If you’ll have me.
-Good. I promise I’ll make you happy.
-I know you will!

-It’s no big deal or anything.
-What? I can’t believe you, Ragna!!! Don’t ever talk to me again!!!

Marriage Special Scripts:
Jean: Congratulations. Take good care of my Rosetta, Ragna.
Ragna: I will
Jean: Rosetta, treat well.
Rosetta: Father…I’m going to be so happy…I promise
Jean: I know you will. Now go make me proud.
Rosetta: Thank you. Thank you for raising me so well!

Lukas: Ragna!!! I was so determined not to let Rosetta get ahold of you! I can’t believe you!
Rosetta: What is this nonsense? You should be composing a poem of blessing for him!
Lukas: Honestly, I’m not in the mood.

After Marriage:
-Good Morning, Ragna! Or should I call you ‘Dear’?
What should I call you now?

-(Ragna)Yes, I think that’s best. After all, that’s what I’m used to calling you!
-Dear? I feel a little silly calling you that, but okay!
-Hunny…BUNS? Do you really want me to call you that? Well, if that’s what you want, I guess I could do it…Honeybuns!
-M’Lord? Ha ha ha! Seriously, though, what do you want me to call you?

-What should I call you?
-Rosetta’ is fine… (Your Nickname)!

-(Your Nickname), here’s your lunch!
-Now go get’em!

-It’s so nice and peaceful now!

-Thank You! Even though we’re married, I’m still happy to get the Corn of Cob from you!

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