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Red Heart Dialogue:
“Hey, Argent.” “…I was just thinking. I’ve been to many place, but where I feel most at ease… is here.”
“Ugh… here? Let’s go somewhere.”
*Arrive at Argent’s house*
“You’re kidding… What are you thinking? You are embarrassing me…”
“Hmm… Get married… That might be a good thing…”
“Okay. Let’s get married. I’ll go tell Ruby. Come with me?”
*Go to Inn*
Ruby – “Are you serious?”
Nami – “Yes. Ruby, you’ve been so kind I wanted to tell you first.”
Ruby – “Oh my, so nice of you to say that…”
Nami – “It’s true.”
Ruby – *…*
Nami - *Drop* “What’s the matter?”
Ruby – “So this is what it feels like when your daughter is a bride.”
Nami – “Ruby……..”
Ruby – “Now it’s time to celebrate, sot say something tedious. Congratulations!”
“When is the ceremony?”
Nami – “We talked it over And decided on about a week from now.”
Ruby – “I see. I’ll definitely be there.”
Nami – “Yes.”
Ruby – “In a week Nami, you’ll be gone. I’ll certainly miss you.”
Nami – “I’ll still come to see you. I’ll be close.”
Ruby – “Good. Argent, please take good care of my Nami.”

“…If someone sees us here, do you think they’d think we’re going steady?”
“You and I are gonna be a family Argent… It’s a strange feeling.”

Thomas – “It is my honor to preside over this wedding.”
“And now I will ask the bride. Do you promise to love him as long as you shall live?”
Nami – “Yes, I do.”
Thomas – “Wonderful! And now I will ask the groom. Do you promise to love Nami as long as you shall live?”
*Argent nods*
Nami – “Let’s have some fun.”
Thomas – “I now pronounce you married.”
HG – (Argent, Argent. Taadaaaaaa! Congratulations. Let me toll the wedding bells as a gift.)

After Marriage:
“Calling you by your first name isn’t any fun… Let’s change that.”
“Call me Nami, but think of your nickname, Argent.” “Okay. I’ll call you Argent <3”

After Marriage Dialogue:
“Good morning. I feel really good.”
“What should I do today? Can I help you with work? I’d just get in the way… I won’t do it.”

“What’s for dinner? Anything in particular?”
“I’ll do my best to prepare it. Yup.”

“You must be tired, right? Good night.”
“Your body is important for your work, Argent. So rest without overdoing it.”

“Uh…I don’t feel well.. I wonder what’s going on? I’m going to Dr. Hardy’s just in case. Will you come with me? Thank you.”
Hardy – “Hmm…”
Nami – “What? Is it a difficult illness?”
Hardy – “No need to worry. You’re not sick. It’s a blessed event! Nami, Congratulations.”
Nami – “Th… thank you… A…a baby. I don’t know what to feel. We have to let Ruby and everyone know. Well, let’s go Argent.”
After Pregnancy:
“So I’m pregnant… I hadn’t even thought of it.”
“That I’d have a child… It’s a strange feeling…”

“Um… I don’t feel well… I wonder if my mother felt this way too?”
“You’re lucky, Argent… To not feel this way…I’m sorry. I said too much.”

“The baby is growing. He’s so big, if I lay down I wonder if he will make a noise.”
“Is that not right? Ha ha ha, I’m just joking. I wouldn’t do that.”

“He’ll be born tomorrow or so. Dr. Hardy said so. Please stay with me tomorrow.”
“Yes… It’s not like me, but I’m somewhat nervous.”

Ruby – “The baby will be here soon.”
Nami – “Uuuuff……”
Nina – “Just a little bit more.”
Hardy – “Try hard.”
Ruby – “Nina especially is a veteran midwife, so you can relax. Just leave it all to her.”
Nami – “Uuuufff……………Guuu ouucchhh.”
Hardy – “I’ve been at this many years, but birth always amazes me.”
Ruby – “Argent, this is wonderful. Nami too, you did very well.”
Nina – It’s a healthy baby boy. Hurry and give Nami her reward for working hard.”
Nami –“He was born without incident. This child was born from me. It’s kind of mysterious. Oh. Give this child a name.”
“Seth… That’s a good name. Seth, I’m your mother. Nice to meet you.”

After Baby is born: “One’s own child is neat. He does things I don’t expect.”
“Watching him isn’t boring. Why don’t you try it too.”

Picnic – Nami – “Argent, are you up yet? Shall we go on a picnic today? We should show Seth the scenery.”
Seth – “Picnic, picnic.” *music note*
Nami – “Look. Seth wants to go.”
Argent – “Let’s go!”
Nami – “Really? Great. I can’t decide if we should go to the spring of the beach. Argent, you decide.”
Argent – “The spring.”
Seth – “Yaaay! Going with daddy! Going with daddy!”
Nami – “That’s good, huh, Seth? Okay let’s go to the spring.”
*Arrive at spring*
Nami – “I’m so glad we came. The air is fresh. And Seth is having fun.”
Seth – “Mama here! Over here!”
Nami – “Dom’t go too far. Aaah, he fell. Big boys don’t cry.”

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