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Red Heart Dialogue:
“Argent… Welcome…”
“When I see your face, I feel energized.”

“Let’s go somewhere else. Our location…”
“You surprised me! I didn’t think that you would give me a Blue Feather. I’ve been longing for a blue feather.”
“It’s wonderful to get one from a boy I like.”
“Argent, did you know that I’ve liked you for some time now? No reason you would know. You’re a bit clueless…”
“Well that’s okay. Ultimately you chose me. I forgive you.”
“…… I really love you <3 ”
“I’m going to tell Griffen. Won’t you come with me?”
Griffin – “Wha… What a surprise.”
Muffy – “Nothing to be surprised about. I’m at the right age to get married.”
Griffin – “Well, that’s true… I never thought it would be with Argent.”
Muffy – “Griffin, you can’t read the feelings of women. That’s why you’re not married.”
“I… I’m sorry… I’ve hurt you…”
Griffin – “No… You’re right… Ha… hahaha. I certainly give you my blessing. Congratulations!”
Muffy – “There’s nothing more to say. It’s too bad my parents can’t come to the wedding.”
Griffin – “Yes, it is.”
Muffy – “That’s okay. It seems that neither of them can take time off of their work to come. Once we’re married, I’ll take Argent and visit them.”
Griffin – “Okay. When’s the ceremony?”
Muffy – “We thought we’d do it about a week from now.”
Griffin – “I see. Let me come to your wedding. In a week you won’t be here anymore… I’ll miss you…”
Muffy – “Oh no. We can meet whenever we want.”
Griffin – “Well, that’s true. Argent, please take care of Muffy.”

“Hi <3 Argent.”
“I love children. If I have children, I’m sure we would get along better too.”

Thomas – “It is my honor to preside over this wedding.”
“And now I will ask the bride. Do you promise to love him as long as you shall live?”
Muffy – “Yes, I do.”
Thomas – “Wonderful! And now I will ask the groom. Do you promise to love Muffy as long as you shall live?”
*Argent nods*
Muffy – “I love you.”
Thomas – “I now pronounce you married.”
HG – (Argent, Argent. Taadaaaaaa! Congratulations. Let me toll the wedding bells as a gift.)

After Marriage:
“Our names for each other don’t sound like we’re married. How about nicknames? Call me Moo. What about you, Argent?”
“Okay. From now on I’ll call you sweetie.”

After Marriage Dialogue:
“A very good morning to you. Smooch<3”
“Why are you embarrassed. Oh <3 How cute <3 <3 <3”

“Before we got married, I didn’t think I’d want to cook.”
“But for you, sweetie, I can make anything <3 ”

“Geee. It’s a waste to go to bed.”
“After all, I want to spend time with you, sweetie.”

“Oh.. I don’t feel well… I wonder what’s wrong? I can’t stand it!! Sweetie, sorry but will you take me to Dr, Hardy right now?”
Hardy – “Hmm.”
Muffy – “What is it? Am I sick?”
Hardy – “You’re not sick. That’s not it. It’s a blessed event! Congratulations, Muffy.”
Muffy – “Thank you! It seems that I’m pregnant. Work hard. Daddy <3”
“We have to tell Griffin and everyone <3 Let’s go boast to everyone sweetie, <3 ”

After Pregnancy:
“I’m happy, but… I didn’t know I was pregnant.”
“I need to take good care of myself from now on.”
“Recently, I don’t feel very well.”
“But it’s for the baby. I’ll give it my best.”

“Walking has become hard… My figure’s looking bad too… There’s nothing to be done…”
“I wish he’d be born soon. The baby.”

“The birth could be tomorrow. Wh…what should I do!”
“Please stay home tomorrow. I’m afraid to be alone.”

Griffin – “Calm down a bit…”
Muffy – “Haa ha…ha… Ugh… ouch….”
Nina – “Just a little bit more.”
Hardy – “Try hard.”
Griffin – “Nina especially is a veteran midwife, so you can relax. Well, men should just be dignified.”
Muffy – “Oh, this is enough.”
Hardy – “I’ve been at this many years, but birth always amazes me.”
Griffin – “He looks just like you. I’m so glad.”
Nina – It’s a healthy baby boy. Hurry and give Muffy her reward for working hard.”
Muffy – “I did work hard… I didn’t know it was this painful to give birth. But I look at this child’s face and that makes it all better. Will you name the child <3”
“Luke… Oh, cute name. Let’s be good to each other.”

After Baby is born:
“Luke is cute, isn’t he.”
“Maybe he’ll become a model. Or perhaps an actor… What do you think?”

Picnic –
Muffy - “Sweetie, wake up <3”
“Shall we go on a picnic today? We’ve never all gone together. Be with your family today. It will definitely be fun!”
Luke – “Picnic, picnic!” *music note*
Muffy – “Look, Luke says he wants to go too!”
Argent – “Let’s go!”
Muffy – “Yippee!” *music note*
“I can’t decide if we should go to the spring or the beach. Sweetie, you decide <3”
Argent – “The spring.”
Sam – “Yaaay! Going with daddy! Going with daddy!”
*music note*
Muffy – “Look! Luke is really happy. Okay, let’s go to the spring.”
*arrive at spring*
Muffy – “It’s beautiful. Good thing we came! Look, Luke’s having fun.”
Sam – “Mama, here! Over here!”
Leia – “Luke, it’s dangerous over there.”
“Oh, he fell. Are you okay?”
(That was a fun picnic. I want to come again.)

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