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(These scripts were contributed by Syvle)

-What? Propose! To me? You’re kidding…aren’t you?
-No, I mean it. Would you marry me, Mist?
-Really? Am I really the girl for you?
-Yes, you are Mist. Do you have an answer?
-Because of you, I now live off this land. So, you gotta take responsibility. Ha ha ha!
-Okay, if you really think so. I’d love to be your wife.
-Awesome! I’m gonna make you so happy!
-I believe you! I did…from the first time we met!

Marriage Special Scripts:
Zavier: Oh, Ragna…If you cause Mist any sorrow, you’ll have to answer to us, hear me?

After Marriage:
-Good Morning, Ragna. Or what should I call you now?

-(Ragna) Okay, I like that name.
-Dear? That makes me smile.
-Honeybuns? I can’t call you that…Can I call you something else?
-Boy Ragna? It’s very unique, but I guess people do use that kind of name.

-So what should I call you?
-Please call me Mist, (Your Nickname).
-Okay got it, Mist.

-Hey (Your Nickname), I packed your lunch!

-This is an ingredient! You can’t make this a packed lunch!
-But, you can make anything-bread or noodles-from flour! It’s magic flour, you know?
-I understand that, but…you normally wouldn’t put it in a packed lunch!

-What’s wrong?
-What should I do with this fish?
-Just cook it up and eat it…
-I knew the truth about what kind of girl you are since I first met you. Ha ha ha!

Tempura Noodles
-This…This is impossible!
-What’s wrong now?
-What kind of wife from what kind of world puts noodles in a packed lunch?
-You don’t like noodles?
-That’s not the problem!

Tomato Seeds
-You don’t like tomatoes?
-No, I like tomatoes, but these are seeds!
-If you sow them in the field, you’ll be able to eat fresh tomatoes!
-Yeah, but will they grow in time for lunch?

-It was my dream to always live on this farm together like this.
-Thanks! I’m so happy to get a(n) flour, even after getting married

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