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(These scripts were contributed by Syvle)

-Ragna, I canít hide my feelings from you. IÖI love you, Ragna. I really do.

-I love you too, Melody!
-You mean it?
-I mean it.
-Am I really good enough for you?
-More than good enough.
-Iím so happy! Ragna, Iíll never be sad again!
-Yeah, Letís stay together for life.
-FinallyÖfinally, I have a family! I love you, Ragna.

-I love a good bath!
-If you love a bath that much, you should marry it! Itís downstairs!

Marriage Special Scripts:
Camus: I had my heart set on Melody tooÖTreat her well, okay?

After Marriage:
-Ho ho ho
Morning, Ragna! What should I call you now youíre married?

-(Ragna) Okay, I always did call you that and it does suit you.
-Dear? No, I donít like that. Can I call you something else?
-Honeybuns? Itís a bit weird, but itíll do.
-Little Ragna? Ha ha ha! Thatíll do.

-So, what should i call you?
-Call me Melody, Ďkay (Your Nickname)?
-Okay, got it, Melody.

-Hey (Your Nickname), I packed your lunch.
-Whatís up?
-Whatís this? Curry noodles in my lunch?
-Donít you like it?
-No, I donít dislike it. Itíll have to do.

-I love puttering about in the fields and taking baths every day.
-Thanks! I hope you still give me a(n) Curry Udon, even though weíre married!

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