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(These scripts were contributed by Syvle)

-A lover snapper over 70 cm! It canít be a real fish.
-Yeah, I really had trouble getting hold of one.
-You understand the meaning of giving me this fish as a present?
-Yes, I do.
-AndÖIím really the one for you?
-Yes, Mei, you are the one.

-Would you marry me?
-ArenítÖI selfish? ArenítÖI just a bit childish?
-Thatís okay. Letís live a long live in harmony with nature.
-I feel things will go well with you.
-And, Iím not worthy, but I accept. Mílord.
-Youíve made me a very proud man.

-And letís eat the fish.
-I hope you get struck by lightening in a thunderstorm! Never appear in front of me again!

After Marriage:
-Good MorningÖOh, what should I call you?

- (Ragna) Okay, Iíll call you that
- Is Husband okay? Isnít it a bit strange?
- Honeybuns? Iím not going to call you that!
- Mílord? If thatís okay with you, Iíll call you that.

-What should I call you?
-Just call me Mei
-Okay, will do

-I packed you a lunch, (Your Nickname). You always get a grilled rice ball in packed lunches at my hometown.

-Yesterday and today have been the same, I hope tomorrow will be too!
-Thanks you. Even now weíre married, your giving me a(n) Baked Riceball.

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