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Read heart Dialogue:
“Oh, Haru…”
“Oh, I was just thinking… It’s okay, don’t worry about it.”

“Let’s talk at your place, Haru.”
“I… I don’t know what to say.”
“You’re giving me that feather?”
“And that means… you… you’re proposing to me?”
“Is this really happening? I’m… I’m so happy.”
“My answer is ‘yes!’”
“But, since I’m the man, I kind of feel like I should propose.”
“Is that okay with you?”
“Okay then. Here goes.”
“Haru, would you make me the happiest man alive? Would you do me the honor of becoming my wife?”
“Whew. Even knowing you’d say ‘yes,’ that was tough. Proposing really takes guts!”
“Well, now I have to tell Vesta and Celia the news!”
“Come along with me.”

Vesta - “Really and truly!?”
Celia - “Well, congratulations, you two!”
Marlin - “Ha. You know, I can still barely believe it. Haru, I promise I’ll make you happy.”
Vesta - “Just look at you two! He’s a bit finicky, but take good care of him, honey!”
Celia - “Yeah. Take good care of Marlin for us, Haru.”
Vesta - “And if he gives you any trouble, just bring him to me!”
“I’ll knock some sense into him!”
Celia - “Oh, Auntie Vesta. Careful, Haru. She really means it!”
Vesta - “You bet! I’ve been looking after Marlin for years, making sure he behaves right!”
Marlin - “Heh heh. Vesta’s a little strange, but I think you’ll get along just fine.”
Vesta - “Strange!? What’s strange about me!?”
Celia - “… Hehehe”
Marlin - “…Hahahaha”
Vesta - “…………………. Ahahahahaha!”
“When’s the ceremony?”
Marlin - “Oh, we decided to have it in about a week. Can you two make it?”
Vesta - “Of course! We’ve got a lot of planning to do now!”
Celia - “I’d be honored to attend.”
Marlin - “I think being with you will make me strong again.”
Vesta - “Good luck, Haru! Just don’t get too lovey dovey and forget about work!”

“Come on it. Oh, it’s you, Haru.”
“I’m blushing? Well, the wedding’s soon. I’m kind of stressed.”

“I’ll always protect you!”

After Marriage:
“I guess you and I are hitched now, by golly.”
“How ‘bout we change up our names a little bit?”
“I guess you can call me Marlin.”
“What about you, Haru?”
“Got it. Okay, I’ll call you ‘Haru’ from this day forward.”

After marriage dialogue:
“Mornin’, Haru…”
“I’m so glad to have married you, Haru.”

“Hey, you shouldn’t work so hard. Your health’s the most important.”
“We don’t want you passing out from exhaustion.”

“Haru, goodnight.”
“Get to bed early. Staying up late isn’t good for you.”

“You don’t look so good. Are you just worn out from ranch work?”
“Hmm. Maybe we should go and see Dr. Hardy.”
“Let’s go. Just to be safe.”
Hardy - “Hmm…”
Marlin - “What’s the word, Hardy? Is something wrong?”
Hardy - “Far from it. In fact, I supposed the ‘word’ for this situation is usually…Congratulations!”
“Yes, that’s right. Congratulations, Haru and Marlin!”
Marlin - “I…gee… thanks… Hey! Wait a minute! Are you saying that I… I’m going to be a father!?”
“Haha! Wow! This is so amazing, Haru!”
“We have to tell Vesta and Celia and everybody!!”
“Let’s get home, Haru!”

After pregnancy:
“Me a daddy… It hasn’t hit me yet.”
“What? Aren’t I happy? Idiot… Of course I’m happy.”

“You wouldn’t guess you have a baby by looks alone.”
“Don’t push yourself too much.”

“Your belly’s slowly gotten bigger and bigger.”
“You shouldn’t move too much. What? It’s good to get a bit of exercise? Oh… I see.”

Vesta - “The baby could come out at any second now.”
Haru - “Ouch… ow ow ow!”
Nina - “Just a little more.”
Dr. Hardy - “Hang in there…”
Vesta - “Everything’ll be fine. Just let old Hardy and Nina take care of her.”
“Especially Nina. She’s a veteran at delivering babies.”
Haru - “Owww…”
Dr. Hardy - “It’s coming out!!!”
“I’ve been a doctor for some times but I’m always moved when a patient gives birth.”
Vesta - “This baby’s got spunk. And what a future we’ve got ahead of us.”
Nina - “It’s a healthy boy. Say hi to mommy. She worked hard getting’ the baby here.”
Marlin - “Haru… you done real good. You got a name in mind?”
“Joey… That’s a fine name. We’re a family of 3 now.”

After baby’s born:
“At this age it’s really cute, but I don’t know how to approach it.”
“I wonder what kids think of their fathers.”

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