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10 Hearts Dialogue
"I don't really understand myself these days. When you truly love a person, all kinds of feelings swirl about."

"My, what should I do? It's my first proposal. ... ...of course I accept. Thank you very much."

After Marraige Dialogues
"I'm afraid I may not be the best wife, but be patient with me. What shall I call you?"

"All right then, Dear. Once again, I hope we'll be happy together forever."

"If I have shortcomings, please say so."

"Take good care of yourself."

"Relax a little more? Yes, I may be a bit of a perfectionist."

"There is no need to try and do everything perfectly, is there?"

"Long ago I was told that I was too serious, but it's quite difficult to break childhood habits."

Theodore: "My goodness! Argent! Your wife collapsed... Quick, go to the clinic!"

Alex: "Hello Argent. Your wife is resting in that bed over there. Don't worry, she's not sick. Congratulations"

Maria: "I'm sorry to make you worried... Actually, um, I... I'm pregnant."

Alex: "There aren't any particular problems so you can go home. Take care. Treat your wife kindly."

Maria: "We must be so thankful."

After pregnancy Dialogue
"I feel that I am very fortunate. It is something to appreciate."

Theodore: "Argent! Your wife's in labor and has been brought to the clinic!"

Maria: "Uuh, uh..."

Martha: "Out of the way, out of the way! Until the child is born, you wait over there!"


Martha: Look what a cute baby. The eyes are like the father's."

Maria: "Honey... the baby is born. Our baby. Give it a name."

Woody: "Congratulations. I heard that you had the baby. Here's a crib as a shower present. Show me where I should put it."

"Ok, well I'll set it right here."

Martha: "Well, it's okay to go home but let your wife rest for a while."

After Birth Dialogues
"It hasn't hit me yet and I am at a loss for words. I must do my best."

"Please walk carefully."

"Was my father this happy when I was born?"

"There will be many anxieties, but let's clear those hurdles together as a family."

"May this child, you, and all people be happy."

Maria: "Oh heavens! Phillip's check up was today!"

Martha: "Everything's fine, the picture of health. Well, well, well!"

Maria: "That's wonderful! Come to me, Phillip."

Martha: "Children grow up so quickly. From now on you can't leave Phillip alone for a second."

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