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(These scripts were contributed by Syvle)

-I still donít feel like everyone gave us their blessings yet
-No, itís not just a feeling. I know weíve everyoneís blessing.
-Yeah. Because you are who you are, Lynette!

-(Would you marry me?) Please marry me, Lynette.
- Yes, I accept.

-(Please wait a moment) Pl---please wait a little. Iím sorry.
-Iím not interested in indecisive men!

After Marriage:
-Good Morning, Ragna. Actually, what should I call you now?

- Got it, Ragna. Is that okay?
-Got it, Dear. Is that okay?
-(Honeybuns) I canít call you that! Can I call you something else?
-Iíll call you that if itís okay with you. Ragna baby, are you really sure thatís okay?

-Okay, what should I call you?
-Call me Lynette, (Your Nickname).
-Okay, got it.

-(Your Nickname), I packed you a lunch. Sweet things give you energy when you grow tired.
-I hope we can live long healthy lives as family in harmony with the earth. Thatís not so bad, eh?
-Thanks! Even now weíre married, Iím so happy to get a(n) Apple Pie.

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