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Red Heart Dialogue -
“Argent… He…hello.”
“What sort of things do you like, Argent? …Um…no, it’s nothing.”

Proposal -
“What… Argent… Let’s go to your house.”
“I’m really……… surprised. It has always been my dream…To have a lovely romance, receive a lovely proposal… Then we will have a happy married life.”
“I never thought this would really happen. Right now I’m really happy.”
“If this is a dream, don’t wake me up. My answer? Of course, yes. Please let’s be happy.”
“I have to tell Grandma and everyone… Won’t you come with me?”
*Arrive at mansion*
Sebastian - “Lu…Lumina…”
Romana - You’ve been acting kind of strangely lately. This must be why.”
Lumina - “Yes, that’s right.”
Romana - “Argent, by marrying her, it means that you will continue this family’s noble name. Can you bear that responsibility?”
Lumina - “Romana… Is that really important?”
Romana - “You be quiet! It’s very important!”
Sebastian - “Ms. Romana…”
Lumina - “Grandma…”
Romana - “Ha ha ha ha… I’m joking.”
Lumina - “Grandma!”
Romana - “I saw you two looking so happy and I just wanted to tease you, sorry.”
Sebastian - “Ms. Romana, it’s bad for my heart. I wish you’d quit making jokes like that.”
Romana - “That’s why I’m apologizing isn’t it? Oh there have been no celebratory words yet. Congratulations to you two.”
Sebastian - “So Miss Lumina, where do you intend to live?”
Lumina - “Once we’re married I think we’ll live on the farm. I’ve been interested in that for a while.”
Sebastian - “I see… It will be lonely here.”
Romana - “It’s close so please come over sometimes.”
Lumina - “Of course.”
Romana - “When’s the ceremony?”
Lumina - “We decided to have it in about a week. Will you please attend?”
Romana - “Of course.”
Sebastian - “Absolutely, we’ll attend.”
Lumina - “Thank you.”
Romana - “Argent, please take care of my baby girl.”

“Argent… I’m sort of embarrassed.”
“I’ll be living on a farm soon. I’m looking forward to it.”

Ceremony -
Thomas - “It is my honor to preside over this wedding.”
“And now I will ask the bride. Do you promise to love him as long as you shall live?”
Lumina - “Yes, I do.”
Thomas - “Wonderful! And now I will ask the groom. Do you promise to love Lumina as long as you shall live?”
*Argent Nods*
Lumina - “Let’s be happy.”
Thomas - “I now pronounce you married.”
HG - (Argent. Argent. Tadaaaaaaaaaaaa! Congratulations. Let me toll the wedding bells.)

After Marriage:
“Starting today we’re married. The way I refer to you sounds like we’re strangers… Let’s change that.”
“Please call me Lumina. Think of your nickname, Argent?”
“Okay. Argent <3”

After Marriage Dialogue:
“Argent, good morning.”
“I’m well, you know, happy that I was able to marry my Argent.”

“At the Villa, Sebastian did the housework, but once I tried it… I liked it.”
“Doing housework for you, Argent, is fulfilling <3”

“Good work, today. Nitey-Night!”
“Please don’t stay up too late.”

Pregnancy -
“I’ve felt sick since morning… Will you take me to Dr. Hardy’s?”
“Thank you very much.”
Hardy - “Hmmm…”
Lumina - “What is it?”
Hardy - “No need to worry. You’re not sick. It’s a blessed event! Congratulations, Lumina.”
Lumina - “Th… thank you. I… I’m pregnant. My dream came true. I have to tell Romana. She’ll be very happy for me <3”

After Pregnancy Dialogue -
“I was surprised to learn that I’m pregnant.”
“But I’m happy. I love children.”

“Do you think we should start to buy baby clothes and such?”
“What? Too fast? I’m so looking forward to it. I wish he’d be born soon.”

“I’m getting bigger. Being a mother is hard work.”
“But I guess that’s what makes the joy of childbirth that much greater.”

“I heard from Dr. Hardy, he says the baby should be born tomorrow or so.”
“I’m very worried. Please stay home tomorrow.”

Romana - “Oh, it’s about time. More importantly, where did Sebastian go?”
Lumina - “Uuhhhh… It hurts.”
Nina - “Just a little more.”
Dr. Hardy - “Try hard.”
Romana - “Nina especially is a veteran midwife, so just take your time.”
Lumina - “Kyaaaa….Argent…”
Hardy - “I’ve been at this many years but birth always amazes me.”
Romana - “This will be my great grandchild. I don’t believe it yet.”
Nina - “It’s a healthy baby boy. Hurry and give Lumina her reward for working hard.”
Lumina - “My baby. Hi cutie <3 You’re worth the hard work. Why don’t you name the child?”
“Hector… That’s a good name. I’m glad I let you decide, Argent.”

After Baby is born:
“Hector is very cute. I’d do anything for him.”
“When he first called me ‘mommy’ I held him all day long.”

Picnic -
Lumina - “Argent, please wake up. The weather is beautiful today. Take a day off and we’ll go on a picnic?”
Hector - “Picnic, picnic.” *music note*
Lumina - “Hector says he wants to go, too.”
Argent - “Let’s go!”
Lumina - “Oh, wonderful! Thank you! I can’t decide if we should go to the spring or the beach. Argent, you decide <3”
Argent - “The spring.”
Hector - “Yaaay! Going with Daddy! Going with Daddy!”
*music note*
Lumina - “That’s great, isn’t it, Hector? Well, let’s go to the spring.”
Lumina - “The spring is pretty. I love it. Hector looks like he’s having fun.”
Hector - “Mama here! Here!”
Lumina - “Hector, don’t go that far, it’s dangerous…”
“Ah, oh-no! He fell. I’ll come help.”
(That was a fun picnic. I want to come again.)

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