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10 Hearts Dialogue
"When I think of you I'm totally unable to come up with new inventions and such. It's a problem. What should I do?"

"Wow, it's a blue feather! What? Could this be for me? Whaat?! Oh no. But why?! Thank you. I also think you're... umm... I'm very happy."

After Marraige Dialogues
"Oh, that's right... We're married now... You're my wife... Uh, umm, what shall I call you?"

"Then, then Hina... My wife... This will take time getting used to."

"Uh, umm. I hope things go well for us from here on."

"What? Let me see. I-I love you."

"Things won't suddenly change even after being married. Let's slowly get used to things."

"I didn't really like living together with people. I didn't like being concerned with others and having the, concerned about me. But it's different now."

"You Hina, always smile unchanged as always, so I'm very secure."

Louis: "What's going on? Let's go to the clinic!"

Alex: "Hello sir. Your wife is resting in the bed over there. She's not sick so don't worry. Congratulations."

Louis: "A baby? Wow! My goodness!"

Alex: "There aren't any particular problems so you can go home. Take care. Treat your wife kindly."

Louis: "I'm going to become a father... I'll have to work hard."

After pregnancy Dialogue
"Shall I find some music with good prenatal influences? Or maybe a book..."

*you fall down and look all sick, get rushed to the clinic*

Martha: "Hang in there! Don't push so much! Calm down!"

Louis: "Aah! Hina!"

Martha: "Out of the way, out of the way! Until the child is born, you wait over there!"


Martha: "Look, what a cute baby. The eyes are like " (I kid you not, it stops there.)

Louis: "You've worked so hard. Thank you. What shall we name it?"

"That's a wonderful name."

Woody: "Congratulations. I heard that you had a baby. Here's a crib as a shower present. Show me where I should put it."

"Ok, well I'll set it right here."

Martha: "Well then, it's okay to go home, but let your wife rest for a while."

After Birth Dialogues
"How are you feeling? Please take it easy."

"Sure enough, a baby's mother is more secure. How cute."

"Let's see, let's see. Things to be careful of in terms of a child's sickness..."

"Everything can be nerve wracking the first time."

"I might not be very dependable. But I'll do my best, so please... say something if things get difficult."

Louis: "Hey! Time to wake up. Let's go to Rick's checkup."

Martha: "Everything's fine, the picture of health. Well, well, well!"

Louis: "That's just wonderful, Rick. Okay, come here."

Martha: "Children grow up so quickly. From now on you can't leave Rick alone for a second."

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