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~Harvest Moon Genome~

Welcome to Harvest Moon Genome! This is a site to put all of my Harvest Moon art and Game scripts!
If you'd like to request a character or send comments, email me here!
We'll see :) For now, please enjoy my art and scripts!

(8/21/08) UPDATE!!
Magical Melody after Marriage scripts have been added to the scripts section!

(6/1/08)UPDATE!! Added a new affilate and fixed the link section! Please visit Harvest Moon Wonder :D (5/4/08) UPDATE!!
Chelsea, Mark, Jill, Claire, Ariella, Mary, Popuri, Ann, Karen and Elli have become Harvest Moon Powerpuffs! There has also been an addition of Rune factory marriage scripts, Moonlit Eve Scripts, HMDScute Fireworks scripts, and Star Night Festival Scripts! Also, a link section's beed added and we have a new affiliate! :3

(4/22/08) UPDATE!!
WOW, huge update!! All the marriage scripts from HMDS and HMDScute have been posted on the site! It took a while, please enjoy them! ^__^

(4/16/08) UPDATE!!
10 new HM powerpuffs have arrived. THere are the bachelors from DSCUTE and the special marriage candidates! More coming soon :)


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