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Red Heart Dialogue:
“W-welcome, Haru.”
“Haru… I’ve made a song for you. Will you listen to it?”

“… Oh, that’s… Why not go to Haru’s house?”
“Can you show me that again?”
“That Blue Feather… Are you proposing to me?”
“No, no, I’m really happy! The Blue Feather… From you! Wow. How romantic!”
“I could write a song about this moment.”
“I always talk about music, though. Are you sure you want to be with me?”
“Thank you, Haru.”
“Well, of course I accept your proposal.”
“Haru. I used to do a lot of traveling. To help me write songs…”
“But recently I haven’t thought about going anywhere.”
“Do you know why? Because you’re here, Haru. I didn’t want to leave you.”
“When I look at you, I get more ideas for songs than I ever got traveling.”
“And when I’m with you… it’s so much fun.”
“Time just stands still. I just wanted you to know that.”
“When should the wedding be? How about a week from now?”
“All right, a week from now it is.”
“Let’s invite everyone in Forget-Me-Not Valley.”
“We’ll make it a day we’ll never forget!”

“Oh, never mind. Haru.”
“It’s almost time for us to get married. It’s like a dream.”

“This is the best day ever! Laalalalalaaa!”

After Marriage:
“We’re actually married now…”
“Oh yeah, what should we call each other now?”
“You can just call me Gustafa like always.”
“Thanks. Well, what should I call you?”
“Oh, that’s good! From now on I’ll call you Hacchan.”

After marriage dialogue:
“Mornin’. A song is coming into my head.
“It’s really coming to me now. Laalalaa la la la la la laaa.

“The atmosphere influences music composing.”
“The scenery here is the best for composing music. This is great.”

“You worked hard today. You must be exhausted. How about I sing a song?”
“No songs before bed? Hahaha! I know you really want it!”

“Are you feeling okay? You look totally bummed. Maybe we better go see the doctor.”
“Alright, let’s go.”
Hardy - “Hmm…”
Gustafa - “Gimme the news straight up doc. Is she sick?”
Hardy - “Well, the only thing I have to say about her ‘condition’ is…”
“Yes, that’s right, congratulations, Haru and Gustafa!”
Gustafa - “Wow… far out. A…a baby? Amazing! We gotta go tell everyone!”
“Let’s get going, Hacchan…”

After pregnancy:
“My own child… Oh, I can’t wait.”
“I know!! I’ll make a lullaby for the baby!”

“How do you feel? Tell me right away if you feel sick.”
“My baby is inside this stomach… It’s so mysterious.”

“Your stomach’s getting so big. This proves it’s growing.”
“Finally, You’ll soon be a mommy, Hacchan.”

Nami - “It’ll be born soon, won’t it?”
Haru - “Ouch… ow ow ow!”
Nina - “Just a little more.”
Dr. Hardy - “Hang in there…”
Nami - “Everything’ll be fine. Just gotta leave the rest up to Hardy and Nina. Haru is doing great.”
Haru - “Owww…”
Dr. Hardy - “It’s coming out!!!”
“I’ve been a doctor for some times but I’m always moved when a patient gives birth.”
Nami - “What a cute little baby. And you did great, Haru.”
Nina - “It’s a healthy boy. Say hi to mommy. She worked hard getting’ the baby here.”
Gustafa - “You sure did, Hacchan. You were pretty far out… How about a name for our little cutey?” “Arissa… sounds good to me.”
“Sweet stuff. We’re a family of 3 now.”

After baby’s born:
“It’s my child, so it’s only natural that Arissa will have good musical sense.”
“She’ll make a fine musician. Hahaha. It’s still too early.”

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