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Red Heart Dialogue:
“You’re like the sun, Haru.”
“When you come to the bar, everything just lights up.”

“…Hey. Stop teasing me…”
“…Am I wrong? Anyway… let’s go to Haru’s house.”
“Are… you serious? Oh… so you aren’t joking.”
“Sorry for questioning you. My answer is definitely ‘yes.’”
“I can’t believe you asked me… I’m so lucky…Getting married at my age… It’s a little embarrassing. I wonder what my friends will say when I tell them? Hahahaha…”
“Oh yeah, should I go ahead and tell Muffy? Yeah, you’re right. Well, let’s spread the word. Come with me.”
Muffy - “What?? Are you serious?!”
Griffin - “Yep, it’s true. We’re getting married.”
Muffy- “Wow… you and Haru, huh? Congratulations! We should celebrate!”
Griffin - “…Thank you.”
Muffy - “I’m jealous of you guys, though. I hope I’ll be getting married soon too…”
Griffin - “Don’t worry. I’m sure that there’s someone out there for you, Muffy.”
Muffy - “…Yeah, I hope so. I better start looking! So anyway, when is the wedding?”
Griffin - “Ah yeah… Maybe… a week from now? Is that OK, Haru?”
“Well then, let’s make it a week from now. You should come if you like, Muffy.”
Muffy - “Of course I’ll be there!”
Griffin - “Well, that’s it. So I guess you guys have a lot of planning to do…Just don’t start neglecting your work.”
Muffy - “You too, Griffin.”
Griffin - “…Yeah, you’re right.”

“It’s almost the wedding. Getting married at this age…”
“Everyone is being so cold to me. Jeez… This is horrible.”

“Let’s live happily together.”

After marriage:
“Well, we’re husband and wife now. Let’s decide what to call each other.”
“Griffin’s fine for me. How about you, Haru?”
“Got it. From now on, I’ll call you Haru.”

After Marriage dialogue:
“Mornin’ Haru…”
“When I’m with you, I have so much fun that the time just flies away, Haru.”

“Once I started my family, it feels like I’ve found my reason for living.”
“That’s what marriage does. No, it’s probably because I married you.”

“Goodnight. Haru… I’ll see you tomorrow.”
“I worry about your health. Go to bed early if you want me to be at ease.”

“You seem a little under the weather today. Haru, forget work. I’ll take you up to the doctor. I’m worried about you.”
“Let’s get going.”
Hardy - “Hmm…”
Griffin - “Well how is she, doc? Got the flu or something?”
Hardy - “Well, the only thing I have to say about her ‘condition’ is…”
“Yes, that’s right, congratulations, Haru and Griffin!”
Griffin - “…Thank you. You’re…we’re… going to have a baby!! Hahaha! I’m going to be a daddy!”
“We’ve gotta tell Muffy and the others! It’s a little awkward, but I’m too happy to hold it in! Haru…”

After pregnancy:
“I’m old, too. I’m really excited that we’re going to have a baby.”
“Ahh… I can’t wait. Huh? It’s too early? I guess you’re right.”

“W-what’s wrong? Are you feeling sick?”
“I’m worrying too much? I’m going to be a father. It’s only natural, right?”

“You’re stomach has gotten big. It’s almost that time.”
“Once the baby is born, I’ll play with it a lot. I’m so excited I can’t wait.”

Muffy - “It’ll be born soon, won’t it?”
Haru - “Ouch… ow ow ow!”
Nina - “Just a little more.”
Dr. Hardy - “Hang in there…”
Muffy - “Everything’s gonna be fine. Just gotta let Hardy and Nina work their magic. Be a man and hang in there, Griffin.”
Haru - “Owww…”
Dr. Hardy - “It’s coming out!!!”
“I’ve been a doctor for some times but I’m always moved when a patient gives birth.”
Muffy - “Your baby is such a doll!”
Nina - “It’s a healthy boy. Say hi to mommy. She worked hard getting’ the baby here.”
Griffin - “Haru… you done good. How about pickin’ out a name for this kid?”
“Melody… Sounds good to me. Now we’ve got us a family of 3.”

After baby’s born:
“Melody is such a good, obedient child.”
“Hahaha… Maybe I’m bragging…”

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