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Red Heart dialogue:
“Haru… T-thank you.”
“I haven’t been able to focus on my tool making lately… Grandpa is always mad at me.”

“What!? Um, let’s talk at your house, Haru.”
“You… you caught me off guard. C-can you give me a minute?”
“Just need to calm down here.”
“Whew… okay, I’m calm now. Could you show me again?”
“Lately I haven’t been giving it my all when training…”
“I… I just can’t stop thinking about you, Haru.”
“Even grandpa says I’ve got my head up in the clouds.”
“But now I can work hard again. Because I know you feel the same about me.”
“So, yes of course, I’ll marry you.”
“So yeah, let’s get married!”
“Wow, I better go tell grandpa and the others. Grandpa’s gonna flip!”
“Hahahaha. Well, maybe not.”
“What about the ceremony? Is a week from now okay?”
“That settles it then. We’ll have it in about a week.”
“I’ll go tell them the news myself.”
“Don’t worry. Nobody’s gonna be against it. Just leave this to me.”

“When I told grandpa I was getting married he said it was ten years too early.”
“But he had a really happy look on his face. He he he what a relief.”

“Let’s live happily together.”

After Marriage:
“We’re husband and wife now. I’ve never been this happy in my entire life.”
“Why don’t we make nicknames? You can call me Gray. How about you?”
“ ‘Haru’, huh?”
“Okay, from now on I’ll call you that.”
“Hi, Haru. Ooh, I like that.”
“Don’t worry if I’m already gone after you get up in the morning. Gotta commute to Mineral Town, and get those Blacksmith fires burning nice and early.”
“That’s why I leave home early. And I’ll always come home at night.”

After Marriage dialogue:
“Good morning, Haru. You were sleeping peacefully. Did you have a good dream?”
“Are you happy that you married me, Haru? Huh, me? … You know the answer.”

“I never thought in a million years that I’d live at a ranch.”
“I was really worried… If a girl by herself would be okay. Hahaha I’m a worrywart.”

“Sweet dream, Haru. Hm? You want to talk?”
“I’m impressed with how you use these tools I made to till the ground and whatnot.”

Gray -“Mornin’, hm?”
“You don’t look so good. Everything okay? Maybe you should go see the doc. Right, let’s go together.”
Hardy - “Hmmm…”
Gray - “How is she, doc?”
Hardy - “Well”
Gray - “I… I… Thank you! So I… I’m gonna be a father! Grandpa and everyone will be so excited! Well, let’s go home!”

After Pregnancy Dialogue:
“She is pregnant. I never knew that.”
“Grandpa was happy. ‘A great grandchild!!!’.”

“What would a dad do at a time like this?”
“I should’ve asked my father… I’ll ask him next time.”

“Your stomach has gotten really big.”
“Doesn’t it hurt? It really looks like it hurts to me.”

Gray - “I imagine it will be born soon. No need to worry, right?”
Haru - “Ouch… ow ow ow!”
Nina - “Just a little more.”
Dr. Hardy - “Hang in there…”
Gray - “Haru’s a real trooper. If only I had half the courage she does.”
Haru - “Owww…”
Dr. Hardy - “It’s coming out!!!”
“I’ve been a doctor for some times but I’m always moved when a patient gives birth.”
Gray - “Haru? You okay? How about a name for our new kid?”
“Greg? I think I like it. That’s a perfect name. We’re a real family now!”

After baby’s birth dialogue:
“Kids sure grow up fast. Grandpa was surprised, too.”
“Grandpa told me to bring the child to work with me.”

(The picnic script was contributed by Iron Thorn)

Gray's picnic script!
Gray: Wake up, Liz.
*Liz ?*
Gray: I was thinking we could have a family picnic today.
Joseph: Yay! Pitnit! Pitnit!
Gray: Gotta do things as a family every now and then, right? What do you think?
Liz: Let's go!
*Gray and Joseph music note*
Gray: Awesome! Cool! I thought Liz might say no because of work. Where should we go? Maybe the spring or the beach would be nice.
Liz: Let's go to the spring.
Joseph: Sweet! With Mama...with Mama!! Yay!
Gray: Alrighty then. Let's go!
*Liz nods, scene changes to spring*
Gray: It's so beautiful here. I'm so glad we can experience this as a family. Don't you agree, Liz?
*Liz nods*
Joseph: Papa! Over here! Come over here! *runs off*
Gray: And Joseph is having a great time, too. Maybe I'll go over and play too. Oops! Joseph fell!
*goes in same direction as Joseph*
Liz: What a great picnic. We oughta do this again.

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