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The Genome Project

The Harvest Moon Genome Project is a project started by me... right here! ^_^ Why it began was simple. I was really tired of the people not creating babies in harvest moon that looked NOTHING like the parents. So I decided to create some new images of my own for fun...
I want this project to grow, so if anyone has any fanart, fanfiction or edits of anything pretaining to the uniqur children in harvest Moon, please tell me and I'll add it to the page!
Without further adieu.... The kids (Edited by me.. DO NOT USE WITHOUT PERMISSION!!!)

Harvest Moon Ds

Main Character + Ann =

Main Character + Elli =

Main Character + Mary =

Main Character + Karen =

Main Character + Popuri =

Main Character + Gustafa =

Main Character + Marlin =

Main Character + Rock =

Main Character + Carter =

Main Character + Griffin =