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Red Heart Dialogue:
“Argent? … isn’t it hot here? Well…”
“Recently, I only have dreams about farm life~ Isn’t it strange~…”

“Ohhhh~ It’s embarrassing here~ Let’s go somewhere else~”
“That’s sudden~ I’m surprised~. I… I haven’t been able to focus on digging lately~.”
“I didn’t know how a certain person felt about me~. But at last I know that person’s feelings~.”
“Argent, you feel the same as me~. I accept with pleasure~. Oh, I have to tell the professor~. Won’t you come with me?”
*Arrive at tent*
Carter – “Is... is this the truth?”
Flora – “Yes, it is… <3 I’m going to be a bride.”

Carter – “Wh… what’s going on…”
Flora – “Professor~… Your feelings for me~…”
Carter – “Who will make my meals from now on…?”
Flora – “Professor~…”
Carter – “Ohh!! I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I’ll be fine. Congratulations. I give you my blessing. Flora, what will you do now?”
Flora – “Let’s see~ Once I’m married I think I’ll quit the excavation~.”
Carter – “I see… That’s too bad, but, oh well. I’ll continue with the excavation, don’t worry. When is the ceremony?”
Flora – “Just now we decided we’d do it in about a week~. Will you attend~.”
Carter – “Well, let’s see. I’d be happy to attend.” Flora – “Good, thank you very much~.”
Carter – “Argent, I’m counting on you to take good care of Flora.”

“Argent~. We’ll be married soon~. I’m embarrassed~.”
“When we’re married, I’ll do my best with cooking and cleaning and such~.”

Thomas – “It is my honor to preside over this wedding.”
“And now I will ask the bride. Do you promise to love him as long as you shall live?”
Flora – “Yes, I do.”
Thomas – “Wonderful! And now I will ask the groom. Do you pledge to love Flora as long as you shall live?”
*Argent nods*
Flora– “Let’s be happy.”
Thomas – “I now pronounce you married.”
HG – (Argent, Argent. Taadaaaaaa! Congratulations. Let me toll the wedding bells as a gift.)

After Marriage:
“From today we’re married~.”
“The way I refer to you sounds like we’re strangers~. Please call me Flora. Think of your nickname, Argent?”
“Okay, for now on I’ll call you Argent <3”

After Marriage Dialogue:
“Good morning~ <3 Argent~<3.”
“Argent~ Hee hee, I just want to call you <3”
“Housework is more tiring than excavating~. But it’s not a bad tiredness.”
“If I think that I’m doing housework for Argent, I’m happy <3”

“You must be tired! Please have a good rest.”
“Everyday is life like a dream. Nitey-night <3”

“Ugh… I fell sick~. I’m sorry but, will you take me to Dr. Hardy’s house~?”
“Thank you very much~.”
Hardy – “Hmm.”
Flora – “What is it~? What kind of illness~?”
Hardy – “No need to worry. You’re not sick. It’s a blessed event! Congratulations, Flora.”
Flora – “Yaaaay, Thank you so much~. It looks like I’m pregnant~. I’m happy~. So is the professor~. We must go tell everyone~. Let’s go now~ <3”

After Pregnancy:
“I’ve done it~. I’ve been thinking for awhile that I wanted a baby~.”
“I wanted to be called mom by my own child~. My dream’s about to come true.”

“I believe that I am pregnant~. This is wonderful~”
“When my tummy starts to grow, I’ll think there’s a baby, but you can’t tell yet, can you?”

“It’s amazing~. My tummy’s starting to grow.”
“The baby kicked my tummy~. The baby’s full of energy~… I wonder if it’s a boy~.”

“Dr. Hardy said it could be any day now~. I’m looking forward to it~.”
“When I have the baby, please be close by~. Please~.”

Carter – “The baby is almost here.”
Flora – “It hurts~ Help me~…”
Nina – “Just a little bit more.”
Hardy – “Work hard.”
Carter – “Nina especially is a veteran midwife, so leave it to her.”
Flora – “It hurts~ Argent~…”
Hardy – “I’ve been at this many years, but birth always amazes me.”
Carter – “Argent, it’s great. And you did well, Flora.”
Nina – It’s a healthy baby boy. Hurry and give Flora her reward for working hard.”
Flora – “He’s cute~… I’m your mother~… Argent~… Why don’t you decide the baby’s name~.”
“Simon~… This is your daddy~. From now on we’ll all work hard together~.”

After Baby is born:
“Wahhh~ Simon is very cute~.”
“I’d do anything for that child~. Right, Argent <3”

Picnic –
Flora -“Argent, wake up~.”
“Today the weather is gorgeous~. Shall we go on a picnic~.”
Simon – “Picnic, picnic” *music note*
Flora – “Simon says he wants to go, too~.”
Argent – “Let’s go!”
Flora – “Really~ That’s great~. “Where should we go~…the spring or the beach~. I can’t decide~ Argent, will you decide~?”
Argent – “The Spring.”
Simon – “Yaaay! Going with daddy! Going with daddy!”
*music note*
Flora – “Simon looks happy too~ Well, let’s go to the spring~.”
*arrive at spring*
Flora – “Wow, it’s pretty~ Simon looks like he’s having fun~.”
Simon – “Mama, here! Here!”
Flora – “Oh, don’t go that far~. Oh, he fell~… It looks like it hurts~. I’ll go~…”
(That was a fun picnic. I want to come again.)

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