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(These scripts were contributed by Syvle)<


-(Marry me, Felicity)Felicity, Will you marry me?
-What? Do you mean it?
-Of course I mean it
-Ragna, I loved you ever since you helped me to get better. Iím so happy.
-Felicity, Iíll make you a happy woman.
-I believe you, Ragna.

-Iím sorry. I think I misled you.
-IsÖis this true? Gasp! Goodbye, Ragna.

Marriage Special Scripts:
Godwin: Now go spice up this town with Ragna, Felicity!
Felicity: Donít worry, Dad. I will!

After Marriage:
-Good Morning. Mr. Ragna, or what should I call you now?

-Okay, Iíll call you Ragna from now on.
-Okay, Iíll call you Dear, itís the most natural way. -Honeybuns? No, itís a little embarrassing. Can I call you something else?
-Lilí Ragna? Have you changed a little since you got married? But itís cute so Iíll use it. Lilí Ragna.

-What should I call you?
-Call me Felicity, Ragna.
-Okay, got it.

-Hey, Ragna, hereís your packed lunch. Good luck today too.
-Letís both work to make this a better town to live in.
-Thank you very much. Itís always nice to get a(n) Choco. Cookie even when weíre married.

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