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10 Hearts Dialogue
"It's strange... I dislike everyone except for Gina... But I feel I can be open when I talk to you."

"You're proposing? No... I'm scared... But the thought of you marrying someone else makes everything worse... So... I accept."

After Marriage Dialogues
"We'll be sharing our personal space as of today, huh? ...Ummm, what should I call you?"
"... Argent... this is so weird."

"Now that I think about it, I've never done housework before. What should I do?"
"Please, don't get sick."

"I was going to learn about cleaning and stuff from Gina."

"I'll learn little by little. So please give me time to work it out."

"I get anxious if I'm too content. Being afraid of loss is a bad habit, isn't it? I'm such a flake."

Theodore: "My goodness! Argent! Your wife collapsed... Quick, go to the clinic!"

Alex: "Hello Argent. Your wife is resting in that bed over there. Don't worry, she's not sick. Congratulations "

Dia: "Oh no, I'm pregnant... What shoudl I do?"

Alex: "There aren't any particular problems so you can go home. Take care. Treat your wife kindly."

Dia: "I have to work hard so I won' be a mother who is undependable."

After pregnancy Dialogues
"A baby... I'm, sort of uneasy, what should I do?"

Theodore: "Argent! Your wife's in labor and has been brought to the clinic!"

Dia: "Haa, haa..."

Martha: "Out of the way, out of the way! Until the child is born, you wait over there!"


Martha: Look what a cute baby. The eyes are like the father's "

Dia: "Honey... it's born. Our baby. Go ahead... name it."

"That's a really beautiful name."

Woody: "Congratulations. I heard that you had the baby. Here's a crib as a shower present. Show me where I should put it."

"Ok, well I'll set it right here."

Martha: "Well, it's okay to go home but let your wife rest for a while."

After Birth Dialogues
"I'm anxious, but I'll try to do my best. I have to protect this child from harm."

"You're good at lulling babies to sleep."

"I still can't believe that I'm... a mother."

"Say, sometimes I get very anxious... Will you hug me tight so I won't get too upset?"

"I wonder if I can become a good mother? I wonder if this child will call me 'mom'?"

Dia: "Oh heavens! William's checkup was today!"

Martha: "Everything's fine, the picture of health. Well, well, well!"

Dia: "Wonderful. William, this way."

Martha: "Children grow up so quickly. From now on you can't leave William alone for a second."

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