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10 Hearts Dialogue
"Kitty-cat, do you know what it is to have a man who burns every night thinking about you? Um... are you listening to me?"

"Honey! You're really a Jack-in-the-box! You're a bad girl for surprising me like this! An answer? Heh, you should already know <3"

After Marraige Dialogues
"Hey, kitty-cat, from here one, we're together for good! Let's decide on a sweet name for you, okay?"

"Honey <3 that's what I wanted to call you anyway <3"

"Today is the start of our real life together."

"Have good dreams! I'll be dreaming of you <3"

"I'll be by your side helping you through good times and bad. I'll be happy even if you can feel just a little comfort."

"I'm always comforted by you, Honey. You're always beside me. That's the happiest thing of all."

"Hina, your smile always fills my heart. A bud of love blooms, and a flower of happiness opens. Life is a very magnificent thing."

Dan: "Honey! What happened? Hang in there!"

Alex: "Hello sir. Your wife is resting in the bed over there. She's not sick so don't worry. Congratulations."

Dan: "Are you okay? Honey! My bundle of surprise! I wouldn't have guessed what it was about. A baby... We're having a baby <3"

Alex: "There aren't any particular problems so you can go home. Take care. Treat your wife kindly."

Dan: "What's a good name. I'm looking forward to it <3"

After pregnancy Dialogue
"Will it be a girl? Will it be a boy? Twins in a single sweep would be nice, too."

*you fall down and look all sick, get rushed to the clinic*

Martha: "Hang in there! Don't push so much! Calm down!"

Dan: "Oh! Honey?"

Martha: "Out of the way, out of the way! Until the child is born, you wait over there!"


Martha: "Look, what a cute baby. The eyes are like " (I kid you not, it stops there.)

Dan: "Oh! Honey! You really worked hard. That's fantastic! Hmm, what shall we do for a name?"

"That's great, Honey! That's a lovely name <3"

Woody: "Congratulations. I heard that you had a baby. Here's a crib as a shower present. Show me where I should put it."

"Ok, well I'll set it right here."

Martha: "Well then, it's okay to go home, but let your wife rest for a while."

After Birth Dialogues
"Dad, Father, Daddy, Pop... Hmm, what should I have the kid call me?"

"It scares me how children are so soft I feel like they could break."

"The baby is so small, yet so full of life."

"When I peer at the baby's face, the baby looks at my eyes. It amazes me."

"The baby's face and behavior resemble me and you, Honey. It hits me that it's our child."

Dan: "Oh no! Honey! We forgot about Kai's checkup!"

Martha: "Everything's fine, the picture of health. Well, well, well!"

Dan: "That's increadible. I'm proud of you Kai. okay, come to daddy."

Martha: "Children grow up so quickly. From now on you can't leave Kai alone for a second."

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