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Starry Night


-Yo, well Haru? Tomorrow's the star festival. I hear there's a party at the house... So you want to go?

(yes)-Oh, so you'll come? It starts at 6 pm tomorrow. Well then, I'll be waiting for you.
(no)-I see... Sorry to bother you

Celia - Hey, welcome, Haru.
Vesta - I've been waiting for you, Haru!
Marlin - Yo. Good to see you, I've been waiting for you.
Vesta - It's not often that Marlin has people visit. Well, you're very welcom anytime, Haru!
Celia - Yes, we did. We've been looking forward to you coming.
Marlin - ...Oh, I'm glad I had you come, Haru. Well. Let's start. I've gotten hungry! Haru, make yourself at home.


Hey, Haru. Tomorrow's the Star Festival. I've invited Kassey and the others to my house for a party. Why don't you come to the party, too, Haru?

(yes)- The party will start tomorrow night at 6 pm. I'll be waiting.
(no)- Oh, that's too bad.

Gustafa - Hey, Haru. I've been waiting for you!
Kassey - Hello Haru.
Patrick - I've been waiting!
Cody - Hey Haru. It's nice to see you.
Gustafa - Daryl's ready, but he says he can't come.
Cody - Really? Well, I guess he can't help it if he's busy.
Kassey - Hmmm, well, let's start!
Patrick - All right! Let's all have a good time, now.
Gustafa - Come on over here, Haru. First, let me play you a song. You can listen while you eat.


Tomorrows the Star Festival! We're having a party in our kitchen. Haru, you're coming too right?

(yes)- Great! Okay, it starts at 6 pm. I'll be waiting!
(no)- What? You're not going? All right... See you later...

Rock - Hey, I was waiting for you!
Ruby - Oh, hello Haru. Good to see you. I heard you were coming today, Haru, so I did my best making this.
Rock - Heheheh! Amazing, isn't it?
Ruby - Did you actually do anything?
Rock - That's not important! Anyway let's start. I've really been looking forward to this day!


Tomorrow is the Star Festival. Would you like to come to the party Muffy and I are having at Blue Bar, Haru?

(yes)- Ok. Okay, I'll be expecting you. Don't forget to come, it starts at 6 pm.
(no)- Oh, you already have plans? Well, maybe next time.

Griffin - Oh, you remembered to come. I've been waiting for you.
Muffy - Come in. I've nearly finished setting up.
Griffin - I'm going to make a special Star Festival drink, so look forward to it.
Muffy - Ooh, I can't wait! Make something tasty!
Griffin - Just leave it to me. Okay, let's begin. Come over here, Haru. I'll make you the best drink you ever had.


Oh, Haru! Tomorrow's the Star Festival, no? Flora and I are having a party in the tent. You're welcome to join us, Haru. What do you think?

(yes)- I had a feeling you'd come. Well it starts at 6 in the evening. We'll be waiting.
(no)- I see... I see. Well, I guess it's only Flora and I then.

Carter - Hello, Haru. I've been waiting for you! It's good to see you.
Flora - Welcome! I worked really hard to make this! Eat as much as you like!
Carter - Thanks, Flora. All right, let's start! Let's discuss ancient civilzations!
Flora - Professor? I dont think Haru'd like that...
Carter - Hmm! All right, then... We can just talk about something else.
Flora - Let's all just chat together while we eat!


Hehe. It looks liek its some kind of festival tomorrow. I hear it's a rather romantic festival, too... Hehe. Why don't we spend it together at your place?

(yes)- Hehe, Thank you. I'm looking forward to it. Relax, I won't steal anything. I'll come by at 6 pm. Wait for me...
(no)- Hee hee... Oh. You can't spend it with a Phantom like me... forget I said anything.

Hehe. Good evening can you let me in? You waited just like you promised. Thank you. I'm glad. By the way, isn't there anything to eat? Hehe. Did you forget? Don't worry about it. I brought my special curry mix just incase something happened. I've got vegetables too. Let's make curry together. Then we can celebrate the festival afterwards.

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