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"Yo, you're here too... I love fireworks."

"With you? Ah well..."

"Fire works are really something. They're beautiful and you never get tired of them."


"Being with nature, watching the fireworks, this is great, this is great!"

"Thanks for inviting me, wanna watch together? Lalalala."

"I've seen fireworks in alot of different places, but these are the most beautiful."


"Haru! It's fireworks! I look forward to this every year!"

"Sure, of course. Nice, I'm so happy a girl invited me!"

"They're so beautiful. How do they make them> Maybe I should come see sometime."


"Wonder how it will be this year? Well, I'm sure it will be good."

"You sure there's not somebody better around? Ah well, let's watch them together."

"The Brother's fireworks are always fantastic to watch. They're just about the best in the world."


"There's fireworks today! When I heard that I rushed over here!"

"Oh! Ok, let's watch them together."

"What magnificent fireworks! This is true craftsmenship. How beautiful!"


"Summer is fireworks season! I can't wait for the show to start!"

"Ahh, this is nice. Watching with someone's nicer."

"Ooh! This really feels like summer now! Summer really is the best time of the year."


"Hey Haru! Are you ready? Here come the fireworks."

"With me? Sure, let's watch together."

"I feel happy when I watch the fireworks. I think it'd be good to watch them when you have a lot of stress."


"I heard the fireworks here are done by a world famous technician. I can't wait!"

"Ok, let's watch together."

"They're so loud when you're this close. I can feel the sound vibrate in my body."


"Mineral Town has a fireworks show too. You should watch it sometime."

"You'll watch with me? Thanks!"

"I like small fireworks too, but it's the big ones that make a reall impression. I wish my mom and the family could see this."


"Hello. Did you come to see the fireworks show too?"

"...With me? I'd love to."

"...It's so beautiful. I want to watch them forever."

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