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Red Heart dialogue:
“Do you like working on the ranch, Haru?”
“Why do I ask? Well… I…I dunno… Never mind, I guess.”

“Yikes! Um, let’s go somewhere else.”
“Oh, I know. Let’s go to your house.”
“I-I’m shocked. I mean, this is all so sudden."
“But thank you. I’m flattered you… proposed.”
“Are you sure you want ME, of all people?”
“I think you deserve a lot better, Haru.”
“Really? I’m happy you said that.”
“Lately I’ve been thinking of you as more than just a friend.”
“More like… like a woman.”
“I’ve been thinking of you day and night, Haru.”
“So you don’t realize how happy this makes me.”
“I never imagined you could feel the same way about me.”
“The answer is ‘yes’ of course. Let’s spend the rest of our lives together.”
“ When should we have the wedding? Is a week from now okay with you?”
“Let’s invite everyone in the Forget-Me-Not Valley!”
“They’re all like family to me.”
“Well, I’ll go home for now. And I better tell Pastor Carter about our plans.”
“Maybe someday I’ll be able to tell my family”

Engagement text:
“What should I call you when we’re married?”
“Hahaha! Am I being hasty? I’ll wait till we’re hitched.”

“No matter what troubles lie ahead, we can overcome them if we stick together.”

After Marriage:
“Today’s the beginning of the rest of our lives.”
“I am on top of the world. And I hope this feeling lasts forever.”
“I’ve been thinking about nicknames, Haru. What should I call my new wifey?”
“You can call me Cliff.”
“Alright, then, ‘Haru’. That’ll be my name for you.”
“Here’s to a wonderful life, Haru. We’re a team now.”

After Marriage text:
“Good morning, Haru. I’m a happy man.”
“I mean, my bride is the cutest girl who ever lived.”

“Welcome Home. I’ll do the housework to make up for all of Haru’s hard work.”
“Don’t worry. Housework is my specialty. You forget how long I was living as a bachelor.”

“Good night. Aren’t you tired? Get a good night’s rest.”
“Don’t stay up too late. Tomorrow’s another day.”

“Good morning. You look a little pale, Haru. Everything okay?”
“Maybe I better take you to see Hardy. What do you think?”
“Okay then. I’m a little worried”

Hardy – “ Hmm…”
Cliff – “How is she?”
Hardy- “Hmm. Well I suppose this situation simply calls for…” “Congratulations!”
“Haru, Cliff, Congratulations!”
Cliff- “She.. She’s pregnant!?”
“I’m gonna be a papa? This is incredible!”
“We have to go tell pastor carter and the others!”
“Just hope I can do it without fainting."

After preg:
“Wow my new family… I’m so happy I could cry.”
“Haru’s baby is sure bound to be cute. I can’t wait.”

“Once our baby’s born, I’ll watch over it every day.”
“It must be so fun to watch over your own baby… Haru, hurry up and give birth! Heh.”

“Wow, your stomach is really starting to sick out. It means our baby’s growing.”
“It’ll be born any say now? Well, are you nervous?”

Cliff – “It’ll be born soon. I hope everything goes okay.”
Haru – “Ouch… ow ow ow!”
Nina – “Just a little more.”
Hardy – “Hang in there…”
Cliff- “She’ll be fine! Hardy and Nina’ll make sure of that!”
“Hang in there, Haru!”
Haru – “owwwwwww.”
Hardy – “It’s coming out!!!”
Hardy – “I’ve been a doctor for some time, but I’m always moved when a patient gives birth.”
Nina – “It’s a healthy Boy. Say Hi to mommy. She worked hard getting’ the baby here.”
Cliff – “Haru… you did great.”
“How about a name for our new bundle of joy?”
“Roy…Ooh, I like it. Now we’ve got a trio.”

After Baby is born:
“Roy is so smart. I mean, already trying to talk!?"
"And athletic too I'll bet! Maybe I'm bragging."

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