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Red Heart Dialogue:
“Oh… Argent…”
“Huh, do I have a fever? Is my face red? I’m not sick so don’t worry <3”

“……………………….. Let’s go to your place, Argent.”
“I didn’t think you would just give it to me out of the blue so I was surprised.”
“My health has been poor for a long time so I didn’t think I would get married… But since meeting you, Argent, that feeling has faded away.”
“Every time we meet I get nervous and excited.”
“Argent, I think you’re the best medicine there is for me <3”
“My answer? Of course it’s yes.”
“I… I’m going to tell Vesta. Won’t you come with me?”
*go to Celia’s room*
Vesta – “Congratulations!!”
Celia – “Thank you. Vesta!”
Marlin – “What’s this about a wedding! I won’t allow it!!”
Celia – “Marlin…”
Vesta – “Why would you say such a thing!! This is something to be celebrated! It will make this child miserable if you oppose this. If you’re so against it then get out of here!!”
Marlin – “Hey! Argent! If you make Celia cry, I will never forgive you! Celia! If something happens, you come right home!”
Celia – “Nothing will happen so please don’t worry.”
Vesta – “Well, that’s good. When is the ceremony?”
Celia – “We talked about it, and we’re going to have it in about a week.”
Vesta – “I see. You’ll live happily with Argent.” Celia – “Yes. I’m happy, Vesta.”
Vesta – “Well, Argent you better get to work and earn a good living.”

“Hee hee <3 We’re getting married soon, aren’t we.”
“I’ve always been attracted to the idea of marriage. I can’t wait for the wedding!”

Thomas – “It is my honor to preside over this wedding.”
“And now I will ask the bride. Do you promise to love him as long as you shall live?”
Celia – “Yes, I do.”
Thomas – “Wonderful! And now I will ask the groom. Do you promise to love Celia as long as you shall live?”
*Argent nods*
Celia – “I’m completely happy.”
Thomas – “I now pronounce you married.”
HG – (Argent, Argent. Taadaaaaaa! Congratulations. Let me toll the wedding bells as a gift.)

After Marriage:
“Starting today we’re husband and wife, let’s change what we call each other.”
“I’m Celia. How about you, Argent?”
“I understand. Starting today I’ll call you honey <3.”

After Marriage Dialogue:
“Good morning… I had a dream about you last night, honey.”
“Did you know that I liked you from the very first time I met you honey?”

“Vesta congratulated me by saying my cooking has gotten a lot better.”
“I guess cooking is about love <3”

“Nitey-night <3”
“It’ll affect you tomorrow, so don’t stay up too late.”

“Ah, I don’t feel well… I think it’s my illness? Honey, will you take me to Dr. Hardy?”
“…….Thank you.”
Hardy – “Hmm.”
Celia – “What is it, Dr Hardy?”
Hardy – “No need to worry. You’re not sick. It’s a blessed event! Celia, you should celebrate.”
Celia – “Th… Thank you. Dr. Hardy! I… right now, I’m completely happy!! I’ve wanted a baby for a long time! That wish came true! I have to tell Vesta and everyone… <3 I’ve got to get home quick, honey <3”

After Pregnancy:
“I’m very happy <3 I’m gonna be a mother.”
“You’re gonna be a father, honey. I hope he’s born soon <3”

“There’s a life inside me. I’ll protect this child no matter what.”
“We’re gonna be doting parents. Hee hee.”

“My stomach’s getting big. He’ll be born soon.”
“Vesta is very happy. She said she’d definitely come when he’s born.”

“Dr. Hardy said the baby should be born tomorrow or so.”
“Oh, I’d getting nervous <3 I wonder if I can sleep today…”

Vesta – “Is the baby here yet?”
Celia – “Ugh… ouch…”
Nina – “Just a little bit more.”
Hardy – “Try hard.”
Vesta – “She’ll be fine. Leave it to Dr. Hardy and Nina. Nina especially is a veteran midwife, so you can relax.”
Celia – “It hurts……….”
Hardy – “I’ve been at this many years, but birth always amazes me.”
Vesta – “It’s a healthy baby. His future is bright.”
Nina – It’s a healthy baby boy. Hurry and give Celia her reward for working hard.”
Celia – “Honey… I worked so hard… Will you name the child?”
“Takeru…That’s a good name. From now on we three of us will work hard together.”

After Baby is born:
“I’ve heard this is the time when a child is the cutest.”
“He always follows me saying ‘mommy, mommy’. Oh, he’s so cute!!”

Picnic –
Celia -“Honey, wake up.”
“The weather is gorgeous! Shall we take Takeru on a picnic?”
Sam – “Picnic, picnic” *music note*
Celia – “Takeru seems very excited <3”
Argent – “Let’s go!”
Celia – “Yes, you have to come.”
“So I can’t decide where we should go, to the spring or the beach. You decide, honey.”
Argent – “The spring.”
Sam – “Yaaay! Going with daddy! Going with daddy~!”
*music note*
Celia – “Wow, he’s really happy to go out with his daddy. Well, let’s go to the spring.”
*arrive at spring*
Celia – “Oh, the spring feels good. Coming on the picnic was the right thing to do. Oh, look, Takeru’s having so much fun!”
Sam – “Mommy, here! Over here!”
Celia – “Don’t go so far. Oh my, he fell. I’ll go take a look.”
(That was a fun picnic. I want to come again.)

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