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Red Heart dialogue:
“Come on in, Haru. How would you like to be my assistant?”
“Oh, never mind. You got the talent, and I’m thankful for that.”

“I… I don’t believe it!”
“Shall we go to your place, Haru?”
“My goodness! You… you stun me.”
“Are you absolutely sure about this, Haru?”
“But our age difference… I could almost be your father.”
“Are you really okay with that?”
“I see… Thank you so much.”
“That settles it then. I’d be glad to marry you.”
“Never thought I’d be getting hitched at my age.”
“Ah, yes. I must inform Flora at once.”
“She is my valued assistant. Would you come along?”

Flora - “Oh my gosh! Are you serious?”
Carter - “Absolutely. Haru and I are tying the proverbial knot.”
Flora - “Well, what can I say? Congratulations.”
“I guess this means I’m out of a job then, doesn’t it?”
Carter - “Absolutely not. You’re my valued assistant, Flora.”
“Haru will continue working on the ranch.”
Flora - “Really? What a relief.”
Carter - “Just keep working as you’ve always done.” “Ah, yes! You don’t have to worry about cooking for me any longer.”
Flora - “So I have to eat alone then? How depressing…”
Carter - “Oh, Flora.”
Flora - “But I guess I can handle it.”
“I never knew you had a thing for older men, Haru.”
Carter - “Oh, Flora.”
Flora - “Anyway, when’s the wedding?”
Carter - “We’re thinking of having it in a week or so.” “And I’d be honored if you could attend, Flora.”
Flora - “Of course I’ll come.”
“Don’t spoil this guy too much, Haru.”
Carter - “Haru…”

Engagement: “Ah, did you come to see how work is done on the site? Well make yourself comfortable.”
“I’d like to make it look appealing, but digging in the dirt isn’t pretty.” (This is a weird thing to say...)

“My happiness is indescribable. Let’s hold on to this feeling.”
After Marriage:
“We’re husband and wife now. Why don’t we invent some snazzy nicknames?”
“You can call me Carter. What should I call you, Haru?”
“Got it. Alright then. I’ll just call you ‘Haru’ from now on.”

After marriage dialogue:
“Mornin’. You look well today. Haru…”
“Haru. Take care of yourself while you’re working.”

“Ranch work can be strenuous. I’m glad I married such a hard working woman.”
“A good wife makes my archeological work much easier for me.”

“You must be tired. Rest well tonight.”
“Every day is magical. I’m glad we’re married, Haru.”

Carter - “You seem a bit frail today, Haru.”
“Perhaps a trip to the doctor is in order.”
“I’ll go along with you.”
“Let’s be of, then.”

Hardy - “Hmm…”
Carter - “How is she, doctor? An illness perhaps?”
Hardy - “Well, the only thing I have to say about her ‘condition’ is…”
“Yes, that’s right, congratulations, Haru and Carter!”
Carter - “I… I see…”
“That means a… a baby. Don’t get me wrong. I am happy, just shocked.”
“We must inform Flora and the others at once. Let’s go home.”

After pregnancy:
“Me a daddy….”
“I just can’t imagine.”

“Are you feeling sick?”
“Well, I just heard that women tend to suffer a bit at this stage of the…. You know. But you seem to be doing well on the ranch so you have nothing to fear, right?”

“Your stomach is really starting to stick out. You must be ready to give birth by now.”
“That’s it! Once our child is born I’ll teach him the finer points of archaeology. What? That’s no good? *sigh*”

Flora - “It’ll be born any second now, professor.”
Haru - “Ouch… ow ow ow!”
Nina - “Just a little more.”
Dr. Hardy - “Hang in there…”
Flora - “But don’t worry. I heard Nina’s a veteran at delivering babies.”
“I’m more worried about you professor.”
Haru - “Owww…”
Dr. Hardy - “It’s coming out!!!”
“I’ve been a doctor for some times but I’m always moved when a patient gives birth.”
Flora - “Professor? What a cute baby! Cute cute cute…"
Nina - “It’s a healthy boy. Say hi to mommy. She worked hard getting’ the baby here.”
Carter - “You were incredible Haru. What should we name our baby?”
“Mike… I love that name.”
“Now it’s official. The 3 of us are a family.”

After baby’s born:
“Isn’t Mike a cutey!”
“I’ll do anything for that child.”

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