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(These scripts were contributed by Syvle)

-Hey, RagnaÖHow come you care for me so much?
-Youíre from rich home and want something for nothing, right? So, I thought if I talked with you a lot I could help you feel better about yourself.
-Okay, if you know so much about me, tell me what Iím thinking right now.

-Youíre waiting for a proposal.
-If you really know come out and say it.
-Will you marry me Bianca?
-Iíd love to. Since you insist, Ragna.
-Thank You.
-Ragna, Iíll never forgive you if you donít make me happy. Got it.
-Got it.

-You think your dad is biggerÖ
-Youíre so dumb! I never want to see you again!

Marriage Special Scripts:
Jasper: BiancaÖWhat will I do now that youíre leaving meÖ
Bianca: Oh, Father! Iíll be living just down the street!
Jasper: But why wonít you live with us? We have plenty of room. Besides, you said you didnít want to live in a dirty shack!
Bianca: Father! I want to live with Ragna, even if it is in a dirty old shack!
Ragna: Ah ha haÖha haÖ

Tabatha: Congratulations, Bianca. You look absolutely breathtaking!
Bianca: Thanks, Tabatha. You should come visit us. I could use some help learning how to cook!
Tabatha: Okay.

After Marriage:
-Good Morning Ragna. Thatís your name isnít it? Or what should I call you now?

-(Ragna) Well, Iím used to call you that, so it will do.
-Dear? I canít call you that! How about something else?
-Honeybuns? I guess itís okay to call you that.
-Don Ragna? I donít have a clue what that means, but itíll do, Ragna.
Don Ragna, eh? I guess Iíll get used to it?

-What should I call you?
-How about Bianca, okay (Your Nickname)?
-Okay, got it.

-Okay (Your Nickname), I packed your lunch. I canít make a square meal.
-Thanks for the Cake. Seeing as weíre married. I hoped for somehting better!
-I never thought Iíd get married in this town. But, Iím happier than ever before.

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