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10 Hearts Dialogue
"If I leave you be, you might work until you collapse, and you're always doing this and that for others. Umm... I have to be around to watch over you."

"Umm, this is a Blue Feather, isn't it? Is this... a proposal? Ah-ha-ha-ha! You're a funny young lady. Hmm, let me see. Okay, I accept."

After Marraige Dialogues
"Oh that's right. We're married, hmm? It's a pleasure, Mrs. ... oh, what do I call you?"

"Hina, huh? It's a little different, but okay."

"I just naturally end up smiling somehow. I must rein in my feelings."

"It's not good to do reckless things. Your body's important."

"It's nice being able to manage your health all the time. I'll be mad at you if you collapse from exhaustion." (ooh, how romantic... -_-)

"Please don't ever do anything I wouldn't do. It's not just your own bay anymore, right?"

"I'll be by your side during the bad times and the good. Please don't forget that."

Alex: "What happened!? Hang in there!"

*transported to clinc, Alex is by your bedside*

Alex: "Hina, are you awake? You're not sick, so don't worry. Ah... ahem. Well, actually, you're having a baby."

Alex: "Everything seems fine, so let's go home. I'm a father, huh? I'll have to work hard."

After pregnancy Dialogue
"There's a life inside of you. It's amazing, isn't it?"

*you fall down and look all sick, get rushed to the clinic*

Martha: "Hang in there! Don't push so much! Calm down!"

Alex: "My wife?"

Martha: "Out of the way, out of the way! Until the child is born, you wait over there!"


Martha: "Look, what a cute baby. The eyes are like " (I kid you not, it stops there.)

Alex: "Congratulations, and thank you. You worked hard. What name should we give it?"

"Yes, that's a good name isn't it?"

Woody: "Congratulations. I heard that you had a baby. Here's a crib as a shower present. Show me where I should put it."

"Ok, well I'll set it right here."

Martha: "Well then, it's okay to go home, but let your wife rest for a while."

After Birth Dialogues
"This might be the first time in my life that I've been this moved."

"Did you come to show me the baby? Thank you."

"A child's body is very frail, so we must be careful."

"Let's see, today's temperature and blood pressure. Okay, no swelling either." (...weird)

"A child's body temperature is high, so many parents think that kids have fevers when it's normal."

Alex: "Time to get up. We're going to Trent's checkup."

Martha: "Everything's fine, the picture of health. Well, well, well!"

Alex: "Wow, that's great Trent. Okay, come here."

Martha: "Children grow up so quickly. From now on you can't leave Trent alone for a second."

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